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what if we were to put a hole in the screen. what if we were to break through
the fleeting glowing pixels hovering on a piece of glass. what if we were to
peek around the edges. what if we were to make the invisible and hidden
semi-transparent. what if we could be invisible and without scale and go
the factories, behind the hopper windows opened a crack in a screened cage
protruding from the edge of a smooth brick facade, glimpses of enormous
man-eating machines which have, at their furthest extensions, humans under
their control, moving rhythmically. there are wires and steel protrusions and
thousands of crossing pipes.<br>
and on cline ave you are above the smooth brick wall you encounter on 12. the
beast has grown beyond roofs. it is an entire landscape. at night flames
shoot out from the top of the stacks. thousands of tiny lights shimmer in a
foreign land where there are no humans and no scale. this is a
semi-transparent landscape which attempts opacity with a single 10 foot
brick wall at the road. the structures inter-connections are all
visible. you can not separate the steel tower structures from the
pipes that intertwine them and run to other towers and tanks and
burning stacks. somewhere there is somebody who knows what all these
pipes do. they could identify them by their connection and relation
and position and size and shape and material within the process
landscape. there is nothing for show here. nothing to make it
consumer-ready. nothing is hidden in the name of ease of use or
‘freedom from choice.’ there is no graphical user interface. there is
no map. the landscape is the map. the physical manifestation is not
the representation of the process, it IS the process. this is not a
symbolic objectification of the process. the actual process is
objectified. there is no referent outside of its self. this is
a rational thought process objectified which takes on a life, a
function of its own. process diagrams are abstract – lines and
symbols. they do not anticipate the <i>physical</i> form that they
will take on. the actual physical building process is the
objectification of the production process. the production process does
not exist until the time-space deficit is overcome through a direct
physical interaction. this direct physical interaction does not
stem from its anticipation – every detail of construction is not worked
out. it is ad-hoc and individual builder specific. there is an infinite
number of ways to objectify the process, but it is the actual construction
which determines its form. after the process is objectified the diagram is
obsolete because the physical form IS the diagram. the process has taken on a
life of its own. the thought and materialization are one and the same. all
relations are shown physically as they exist physically. every link is shown
as a link – not as the representation, map, or diagram of the link – but as
the physical link which it is.<br>
what if we were to do better. like an inventor who builds through trial and
error. like a mechanic who tests machines and thoughts by running them. that
is – there is no diagram to start with. there is only the physical object
which exists as thought. the object and the thought can not be separated.
they are made in the same instance. they are always separate – at any time
the creator can abandon the project and the thought and object creation exists
in its own right. if it ‘works’ it takes on a life of its own – it gains an
autonomy of process, as well as the autonomy it has as a physical object. we
judge objects by their autonomy, by their separation from our thoughts, as
physical manifestations. we judge life by its autonomy of process, by its
ability to change and construct its self.<br>
so how can we create process and thought simultaneously? intuitively?
we have now entered a meta-world in which we utilize processes,
objects, as we create a meta-process. we manipulate life to create
meta-life. as before we manipulated objects to create meta-objects –
the ‘process.’ the process was the objectification of objects
manipulated in order to create an object manipulator. we form iron to
create a factory process which will form oil. we utilize certain
ready-made objects, such as pipes (the derivative of another process)
to construct our own meta-object, process, life. now we utilize ready-made
process meta-objects to create our own meta-process, our own meta-life.<br>
<b>form follows function.</b> this was a pretty good idea, but the fact is:
<i>form IS function</i>. ‘form follows function’ always begged the question
– ‘<i>which</i> function?’ the statement was usually applied to buildings.
but buildings are a collection of functions. (enclosing, heating, cooling,
light production, noise removal, circulation, waste removal, water supply,
privacy, ownership, control, production of other processes, etc.) they do
not really have one controlling function. what is the function of a house?
perhaps we could say life. but this brings us to a much larger question, what
is the function of life? life is a collection of processes which has no
product. the process of life is life. there is no end result, no product –
there is only the objectification of process. life is process. form is
function. (we are what we eat.)<br>
these are the beautiful possibilities of our new meta-life creations – the
ability to see our life as process. the ability to see the processes which
make us what we are. the construction of a semi-transparent image which
simultaneously is us. now we are without scale. now we are without limits.
now we can not be separated from our connections and relations. we <i>are</i>
these connections and relations. now we have made meta-life. now we
can see our genetic code, its interaction with environments. now we
can manipulate the processes of our own lives. now our own lives are
objects with which we create larger processes. (hasn’t this always
been the case?) the ability to see our life as process will not answer
the question ‘what is the function of life?’ this is an un-answerable
question. that it is un-answerable suggests life has no
function – it is meaningless except that it <i>exists</i>. that is, we
exist as a process without end or meaning. it is only our death that
ensures our individuality. within a meta-life, a process which spans
and consumes lives as building blocks, there can be no individuality. there
are no limits, life is only a part of the process. the information network is
its own entity, its own meta-life which consumes lives as its raw power and
building block. process consumes.<br>
and we, as ‘smart’ parts of the process, get feedback. our individuality, our
ability to create change, rests on the fact that we are limited – in the time
that we live, in the knowledge that we can know, in the change that we can
influence, in the perspectives we can view. we are the mutation producers of
the process’ evolution by virtue of our limits.<br>
we can never understand wholly the process of life which we are. there is
always a time-space gap between your self and the mirror, without it no light
is let in and we feel in darkness.
there exists the possibility to cut a cross-section. to punch a hole
through our understanding. to <i>see</i> all the processes at once, but not
know all of their meanings – that’s ok, they are meaningless anyway.
this is true information overload – to see all the infinite processes of life
extending infinitely in time space and scale and to understand that ‘you’ are
a certain position and collection of processes – a meta-process. there is an
infinite void beyond meaning. beyond belief. we can understand our self as a
meta-process within a meta-meta-process of evolution. we can see the
functions of our self as they function. we can feel the resistance as we
move. the reaction of our action. we can build our processes like an
inventor. the thought and object are the same. we test through
trial and error. we <i>do</i> build as inventors our life, our process, with
every second. there is no separation of process and its physical
objectification. life is materialization as conceptualization. life is
process. life is now. <br>