A colossal exercise in moral deception

March 5, 2001 Once again, in the self-righteous polemic of social engineering, architects team with city officials and developers to propose their stratagems of moral deception for yet another subversion of interests. Magazine articles will tout the ‘new’ ideas of dispersal and diversity and drop names of the people who ‘came up’ with them. Awards […]

`Volunteer’ requirement rankles residents of public housing

`Volunteer’ requirement rankles residents of public housing Matt Stearns September 2, 2003 http://www.kansascity.com/mld/kansascity/6673213.htm WASHINGTON – When is volunteer community service not really voluntary? When the federal government threatens to throw you out of your home if you don’t comply. A rule to be enforced starting in October will require certain public housing residents to perform […]

Chicago Public Housing Links

CHA Links Articles Books Sites Redevelopment Plan Articles A Great Chicago Land Grab By David Peterson http://www.zmag.org/ZMag/articles/apr97peterson.html Public Housing: Reading Between the Lines By Cory Oldweiler and Brian J. RogalĀ  http://www.chicagoreporter.com/2000/03-2000/032000plan.htm Other Chicago Reporter Housing articles http://www.chicagoreporter.com/Gizmos/Navigation/Archive/housing.htm Race, Class, and the Abuse of State Power: The Case of Public Housing in Chicago By David C. […]

The Black Commentator: Targeting Section 8

Targeting Section 8 The Black Commentator May 1, 2003 http://www.blackcommentator.com/40/40_issues_pr.html With even more fervor than when they first swarmed into Washington following Ronald Reagan’s election in 1980, the Hard Right’s wrecking crews are dismantling every social support system that smells even faintly of an “entitlement” to the undeserving poor. They pick through the ruins searching […]

Nail by Nail

Deconstructing Stanton, Nail by Nail Barbara Ruben Special to The Washington Post Page H01 June 15, 2002 Two months ago, Beverly White tore down her home of 39 years, floorboard by floorboard and nail by nail. She and dozens of other former residents of the Stanton Dwellings public housing project in Southeast Washington are taking […]


SPATIAL DECONCENTRATION by Yolanda Ward This article was researched and written primarily by Ms. Yolanda Ward, sometime in the early Nineteen Eighties. It is based largely on material that is publicly available, especially the “Report of the National Advisory Commission on Civic Disturbances,” otherwise known as the Kerner Commission Report. A large portion of this […]

Testimony before the United Nations – Carol Steele

Testimony before the United Nations Carol Steele Chicago, IL July 1998 http://universityofthepoor.org/newsite/doc/stories/il-carol.html Today I come to talk about what?s happening in Chicago. My name is Carol and I was born on the land that eventually became Francis Cabrini Extension. I?m a single mother of three sons. Now I reside in public housing called Francis Cabrini […]

Peterson: A Great Chicago Land Grab

A Great Chicago Land Grab By David Peterson April, 1997 Z Magazine: http://www.zmag.org/ZMag/articles/apr97peterson.html Since the Department of Housing and Urban development engineered a federal takeover of the Chicago Housing Authority in late May 1995, CHA tenants have expressed a great many fears about what HUD’s role in “reinventing” public housing in Chicago will turn out […]