program of life

what are the requirements of life? autonomy, power, self-control? cloning, genetic engineering, transplanting, plastic surgery, surgery, drugs, pills that you take, food that you eat, exercise, nutrition, prosthesis, eyeglasses and hearing aids. you are what you eat. you are what you do. every minute decision has a direct effect on your reality. forget goals. what […]

program of rights

  a sort of reverse engineering must take place. we must objectify the filters, make them visible and by doing so destroy them. we must understand the construction and tear it down. we must build non-absolutes. this must take place outside of language, outside of computers, of mathematics, of 0’s and 1’s. computers only work […]

materialization as conceptualization

a tactile creation. tangible. palpable. material. corporeal. a material conception. actions and reactions. immediate. intuitive. production of sound and light. the realization of the limits of a physical self and its interactions with the environment. open perception. a clearing and filling of the mind. a tactile creation which is born and lives in the present. […]