program of rights


a sort of reverse engineering must take place. we must objectify the filters, make them visible and by doing so destroy them. we must understand the construction and tear it down.

we must build non-absolutes. this must take place outside of language, outside of computers, of mathematics, of 0’s and 1’s. computers only work with absolutes. they can not produce randomness. they can not understand infinity between 0 and 1 because this was the preconception they were based upon.

the closest a computer can get to infinity is a loop which repeats. a static vector. reality/infinity never repeats. computers generate pseudo-random numbers by making increasingly complex algorithms, by distancing their output far enough from our understanding that it appears to be something which we can not understand.

the limits of the language of a filtered environment, a constructed environment, describes the limits of the environment. to objectify the limits of a constructed environment, the limits of its construction must be made visible.

tactic. to make the constructs of power visible. to make your self invisible. to objectify without being objectified. to show limits while blurring yours.

these are the rights we must demand:

1 the right of autonomy. we can no longer be forced subjects, unwilling participants of a distribution chain in which we do not believe. we must have the right to choose our systems of beliefs. we have a right of defense, of our own filters, of our own reality. we demand a freedom from advertising bombardment. a freedom from your televisions full of lies. it is time for a voluntary politics. no more majorities controlling minorities. no more forced definition and declaration into a majority or minority. it is time for a voluntary economy. no more rich controlling the poor. no more forced distribution, taxation, consumption, reality modification. it is time to end force-fed desire and taxed self-consumption. it is time for a politics and economy of the individual. death to the majority. we must now inhabit a multi-dimensional battle field of non-polar positioning, a space which is only a space in between, where individuals do not amalgamate to an ugly and faceless mass, but remain as multi-powered individual being fields occupying a dynamic space within and between their selves.

2 the right of anonymity. we have the right to not be objectified, tracked, followed, watched, profiled, timed, recorded, graded, priced, valued, examined, tested, documented, case studied, observed, reviewed, defined, determined, limited, judged, bounded, confined, measured, appraised, qualified, completed, explained, rendered, illustrated, photographed, titled, characterized.

3 the right of consumer information. as consumers of a product or service we have the right to know all information requested of the provider. this includes all providers of products and services, from governments to corporations, from schools to banks. if this is to be a free economy, we must have the right to know what we are consuming, in whom we are trusting, whose power we increase. we must know the power structure and how our consumption will alter it. we must choose the structures we build based on how it will affect our environment, our reality and our autonomy.

this seems paradoxical. how can we objectify a bank without objectifying those who belong to, and therefore make up, the bank? you can not. the very service that a bank provides is objectification. a division and distribution which you claim as an extension, a reserve, of your self. it is a service which allows you to construct, extend, and further define your own limits. and it is the limits which you create of your self by which others will limit you. the more limits you have created of your self, the more it becomes necessary to hide and disguise these limits from others. as a corporation you hide money from the government and information from consumers. as a politician you hide contributions and contributors from constituents. why is all the hiding necessary? because the truth of distribution, the objectification of power, destroys it.

which is the very reason we are objectified. it is by our physicality that we are limited, by our self and by others. we are, after all, still physical beings. power derives through physical means. it is only after objectification that subjection is possible. we are invited to further the limits of our self in order that we may further see our self. but it is only a stone shadow of a self that we see, a spent and empty power which we once had. we trade our power for our image. we are objectified so that we can be subjectified. we foolishly believe that anonymity is sterility. but it is this useless narcissist statue of self to which we incessantly masturbate. it is an idol of our past self whose shadow we are forced to imitate, for this idol is the symbol of what has been determined to be valuable within our self. make no mistake, it is not the purported value that is truly valued, but the predictability, the static adherence of your self to that value. values then are a means of transference of an unpredictable set of possibilities into a predictable physical product which can be bought and sold. it is the limits of the self which are valued, not the possibilities.

we must learn to construct a value based on possibilities. we must learn to construct something physical which is not based on limits and absolutes. we must see the self as a dynamic continuity, not a static preservation and adherence to past limits and definitions. we must see our selves as fields and vectors, areas and movements, tangents, branches, fractals, continuations of unpredictable indeterminate formless physical possibilities which infinitely interact in an endless shifting dynamic flowing present.