we suck from the same mother

What is the shape of desire? How does it come to take on a form? The real power problem is to take control of our own desires, to actually give them forms that are good for ourselves – strategically, long-term. That is, how can we change the “what” of desire? Does desire have to be […]


Okay 3rd glass of wine and maybe I can do this. I desire to not be intimidated by the fact that I do not know my Foucoult, Lacan, or Deleuze all that well. Lack– hmmm ooh baby yeah I lack alot and it probably has something to do with a bunch of dead brain cells. […]


To begin with, I am having a hard time differentiating my desires from my anxieties. Especially in the area of work. ‘Desires’ seems like such a generous and substantive term for worries and fantasies about what are, in the end, only questions about career. I’m not even talking about art projects, but rather simple, shallow […]


“I want to exercise that muscle, develop that part of the self.” Eventually the collection of collective desire will lead us to the next step, collective action. It is through the control of what can be transmitted as desire, through the taboo, that collective action is controlled and the individual is atomized. Only certain desires […]

the placement of that desire

2006/5/23 7:45am, Sacramento at 90/94, W: A large delivery truck coming at me took a left right in front of me, missing my front bumper by inches. My anger was quick. But as I thought back on it, I believe that anger, at least some sorts, also has a basis in desire. I wanted the […]

about beyond surveillance

we are exploring modes > >>> “beyond” surveillance. That’s a name that seems somehow the slightest > >> bit hopeful…which may not be a bad thing. > >> > > yes – i like the idea of it not being only reactionary, but something that > > might experiment/create… Beyond surveillance experiment? project? workshop? > […]

measuring complicity

I want to be able to make the right decisions for my students. I want to be able to encourage them to learn. Instead I am complicit in a system of measure that tells kids their worth(lessness) and discourages so many of them. Anything to sort and justify and legitimize. I want to be able […]

that sort of anonymous fog

2006/05/22 7:30-8:00am, in my car driving South along Sacramento Ave. to work, W: I want to turn on the radio, but I resist as that fills my brain (prop-agenda). Instead I am trying to focus on the present, and on my desires. I want to focus on the present. I want the coffee to make […]


2006/5/21 9:30-11:00am, zen buddhist temple, W: Chanting, meditating, singing, praying, standing-sitting-moving in coordinate fashion. It is all a way to coordinate desires, to enhance a group desire. Ritual. Not the blank and blind following of a meaningless tradition, but the inhabitation of a circular group event of which I am a part. I become part […]