Beyond Surveillance Meeting Notes for 3/19/06 at Mess Hall

(a Chicago portion of the International Day Against Video Surveillance) What is a body? How many different ways can we see/conceptualize body? (shadow/image/touch/money/consumer/oppressed/marketvalue/distance) To what degree is surveillance reliant on the body/identity as a basic unit? (How are bodies constructed in the eye of surveillance? Is a body simply a node where certain phone numbers […]

Beyond Surveillance Meeting Notes for 2/19/06 at some sandwich shop

following are some rough notes from feb. 19. meeting with th. and myself. many questions to discuss. please add to them! what’s in is possible action/performance/experiments. especially add to those! 1. you can’t discuss surveillance without discussing race 2. or the money (camera as way to make the neighborhood more “attractive” by moving undesirables out […]