Media Literacy: Deconstructing and Constructing

Here, we are breaking media literacy into two components, deconstruction and construction of media. Deconstructing media Students will analyze existing media to see how a message is composed. Because advertisements are fairly short and blatant, we will use those for now. What is the goal of the advertisement? (To sell.) How is that goal conveyed? […]

Evaluating software and online resources

To make an evaluation of whether or not to use, and how to use, educational software and online resources, we must have an educational context and purpose in mind first. To avoid merely discussing this as theory, let’s learn by doing. Take a look at the media literacy post. We will look for online resources […]

School Funding

Why are thousands of students not going to their school today? All of these numbers use ratio in order to make comparisons. Some use unit rate – a comparison based on one unit. Some use percentage – a comparison based on one hundred units.

History Fair: Triumph and Tragedy

chicago historical society resources (great place to find primary sources) try the encyclopedia also, if 1902-1933 try the daily news photos links to chicago historical collections, from the chicago history fair website: check out or brittanica (from school computer) for basic information Maps of Chicago: Pullman listen: npr 1 […]

Media Literacy

Hey, YOU! What are you doing (or NOT doing) to STAY HEALTHY?

These three Chicago Dept. of Public Health clinics offer free condoms and free, confidential (that means private) HIV testing to anyone age 12 and up. Be sure to call first to confirm that someone is available for the services that you need. West Town Adolescent Specialty Clinic 2418 W. Division Phone: (312) 742-4092 Tue.: 10 […]

Video Reflection #2

1. HOW have we come up with the list of ideas? 2. Do you feel that we have adequately explored the options and ideas? 3. How can we make sure everyone is heard? 4. How should we proceed? Give concrete solutions.

Sept 11, 2001 – Comparing Numbers

Compare numbers from the following two articles about 9-11-01. One article was written a day after 9-11-02, while the second was written much later. Which numbers are probably very accurate? Which are probably only rough estimates? How do you know? Why are the articles’ numbers different? (Above is in conjunction with CMP Data Around Us […]


More Blacks in JailMinority overrepresentation in the criminal and juvenile justice system Activity: Draw 10 people and label them by ethnicity according to the juvenile population of Cook County (p. 4). Draw 10 people and label them by ethnicity according to the arrested juvenile population of Cook County (p. 4). Draw 10 people and label […]

Cindy Sheehan

* Cindy Sheehan’s son died in the war in Iraq and she is against the war. She was in a speech. She is against the war because they killed her son at the war and she does a lot of speeches of not liking the war.