reverse mapping

  Now let us look at what we might imagine the opposite of mapping to look like. An inverse map; reverse data-imaging. That is, as we have created these powerful tools for mapping, for re-creating the physical world as information, we have also created a backwards path in which the information becomes the physical world. […]

privacy rights

the right of privacy. a preliminary idea is that the right of privacy is inversely proportional to the degree that the information affects someone/something other than the person whose privacy is in question. this seems simple enough if we buy into the idea of large and small consequences, of goals and a right of private […]

a void

The void is freedom without bounds. How can you limit within infinity? The original idea was to limit those which we did not desire to the finite, to ban them to a concentrated and articulated, confined space. To place them in a dungeon away from the freedoms of society. But the freedoms of society are […]

objectification of self

  records receipts social security # birth certificate police record school record marriage license fbi file credit report credit card history bank account insurance record medical record photographs immunization record census passport cookies ip address dna body remnants: hair blood skin cell fingernail semen body descriptors: fingerprint eye-scan size weight height voice record dental record […]

my design me A computer generated golden metallic female body with unbelievable proportions is shown over the faded background of a keyboard.  Clickable cyan boxes are shown over specific areas of the body with the following text: *Pick the area you would like to improve *       Head (face, neck, and hair) *       Arms (sagging skin, excess fat […]

absob language filter

  we must absorb language in order to annihilate it. language absorbs its self. this is not the clean and pure empty void. this is a space of empty floating words, a battlefield after a battle strewn with corpses of meaning. the words lie there in there physicality, exhausted, transformed and meaningless by attempts to […]

remove the tags

we could put all the hundreds of thousands of computers we throw away every year  in the classrooms.  we could give every kid a computer.  we could put linux on all of them.  we could guarantee an unprecedented evolution of contributions and understanding of the basics of an information world.  we could give birth to […]

consumer prosthetics

  no longer can we imagine pure platonic forms. nothing is pure. nothing is separate. nothing is autonomous. never can the representation be removed from what it represents, that is, never can a representation be prevented from affecting what it represents. the act of representation changes that which it represents. and thus, hper-real representation attempts […]