Opt your child out of high-stakes tests

Modify and/or fill in the attached form. Will this work in your school? ISAT-opt-out-letter The Gill’s have opted their children out in Illinois! Here is a link to the Oak Park policy on attendance that allows the Gill’s children to be in school during test weeks: http://www.neola.com/oakpark97-il/ “We believe that NCLB should clearly protect parents’ […]

bloom’s taxonomy end-to-end

connecting bloom’s taxonomy end-to-end evaluation redefines the base level of knowledge for example, who are the victims of war? can be accessed at pretty much any level of bloom’s taxonomy, but by taking it to the evaluation level, we redefine the knowledge level. in fact, perhaps all the levels work at once, redefining one another. […]

Private tuition deal OKd

    Private tuition deal OKd May 13, 1999 BY DAVE MCKINNEY AND MATT ADRIAN SUN-TIMES SPRINGFIELD BUREAU    SPRINGFIELD–Parents who send their children to private or parochial schools could get $500 tax credits under legislation that passed the Illinois House on Wednesday amid constitutional concerns. Gov. Ryan, who went to the House floor to […]