seclusion and the land of grandfather

Wait. There I was, stranded in a dream a beautiful dream. Grandfather was there, at least in spirit, as we drove through the barely rolling land, infinite and green. We were caught in the moment before, where desire spills forth onto the land like sunshine from within reflecting back, mounting an end to our separation. […]

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The plan abandoned.

The unavoidable theoretical crisis, lurking for years as an outline, a shadow at the edge of a glance, an uneasy feeling, has finally become apparent. It is in the face of this spectre that I am abandoning the profession of architecture. While innumerous evils haunt this profession, they are not in the end what has […]

too long sucking bones

someday i will get new teeth you see (and i will know how to use them teeth through flesh too long sucking bones) i am scorching deep inside you scalding your inner fleshy denial no there is no tender meat left none as there was when it was i rolled over, bludgeoned, bloodied, penetrated my […]

Prologue (Textual Explorations Book 1)

Found this trashy romance novel at the el stop. Was going to use it as a notebook, but when I opened it, decided it would be much more interesting if the text that was already there served as more than some artsy background. What if, instead, a sort of intercourse could occur that would redefine […]

Epilogue (Textual Explorations Book 1)

Catch me, I’m falling I always thought it would be different – that I could escape in tact. Exit stage left. A free me. Catch me, I’m crumbling. The walls were to come down, yes, and the ceiling too, yes. And a million openings to let the light through like a million open doors onto […]

the calculus of infinite horizons

i cannot see the horizon, it just blurs from water to sky sailing on clear waters, suspended on an invisible plane, propelled by the (placement of the self as a linkage of) friction between planes flying is different, flying incurs the loss of a ground, even an invisible one. or perhaps we should say that […]

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and thus, the internal discourse, the discourse within and between the confines, between the towers is interrupted, destroyed. within an implosive absence, a sucking of air, a gasping for breath. and this is the strategy which cannot be accepted. and thus, the absence is filled with the act of absence. the event is dissipated through […]

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we are carnivores. those of you who affect to have never eaten meat… you have killed with the rest of us. the sacrifice is hidden behind blank walls. (men in yellow suits spray down the sidewalks) bring forth the blood to the public altar (how else can we know what we are eating.) i will […]


they keep them there, behind stone walls. they lock the doors at night. sunlight is not allowed. there are small boxes that monitor the humidity. the walls are white and smooth without shadows. the floors are silent. the people are small and huddle and whisper. do not touch. there are no clocks. what time is […]

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i need to start walking west fearlessly on water and when my faith dies so will i i will not return this is the end the rest is the end no more fear of death i am assured of death welcome, beyond belief no more staged and meager attempts to regain what we have conquered […]