and thus, the internal discourse, the discourse within and between the confines, between the towers is interrupted,

within an implosive absence, a sucking of air, a gasping for breath.

and this is the strategy which cannot be accepted.

and thus, the absence is filled with the act of absence. 
the event is dissipated through radical proliferation. 
a strategy of containment through appropriation. 
a dismantling through absorption.
the absence is filled with image. 

we are merely within, between, temporary, intermediate.

through a constant replay of images, looped
the beginning, overtly / repetitiously / necessarily tied to the promised end. 
the loss of control tied to the regaining of a greater control.
the other conquered by the self.
the evil dominated by the good.

a new equation, a new discourse: 
'the destruction of internal discourse yields unity.'

the aggression upon discourse places itself as the opposite pole as an object, 


for this is the real strategy of the act of terror: 

a destruction of controlled discourse. 
a failure of order, of control, of division, of distribution.
the implosion of the internal equivalence of economy. 
an absence without end. 
an effect without cause. 
an enemy without other. 
an impotent vengeance and a sterile justice. 

in this, 
the awkward present 
without justice, 
without enemy, 
without retribution, 

all eyes are averted from this, 

the gaping and unfillable absence.