the calculus of infinite horizons

i cannot see the horizon, it just blurs from water to sky

sailing on clear waters, suspended on an invisible plane, propelled by the (placement of the self as a linkage of) friction between planes

flying is different, flying incurs the loss of a ground, even an invisible one. or perhaps we should say that the ground-plane, the plane of difference has enlarged and swallowed us, the possibilities have become three dimensional, 

we are propelled by the friction between the self and the plane, by the displacement caused by the self as vector. the change in the environment affected around the self changes the position of the self in relation to the environ. the self inhabits its own derivative, its own differential, its own calculus. 

the plane of conscious is the derivative, and the derivative's derivative, infinitely extending and morphing, changing the self, the self's position and velocity and acceleration.... and vice-versa.

the self not as navigator and frictional linkage between differential planes, but as creator and created within the plane of the differential.