A+. You fail.

That’s right. Even if a third-grade Chicago Public Schools student gets an “A” in every subject from her classroom teacher, she is sent to summer school if she scores below the 24th percentile on just one part of a state standardized test. Chicago Public Schools uses standardized test scores to override all other considerations in […]

Community Hearing on School Closings and Turnarounds

Saturday, January 10, 2009: 10am to 2pm MalcolmXCollege, Cafeteria 2nd floor, 1900 W. Van Buren, Chicago, Il, 60612 (parking is available off of Jackson) We hope you will attend, invite others, and join us to build a resistance to school privatization and a vision of a truly public, democratically run and adequately funded public education […]

We’re taking back the bubbles!

This is the time to work for change in educational policies. This is the time to lay out a vision of education that is focused on each student becoming the person s/he wants to become, leading the life s/he wants to live, and creating a world s/he wants to embrace. On Dec. 17 at 1:30, […]

Join the carnival. Another world has begun.

  The parade is an actual positive action, creating a positive festival while simultaneously actually improving the surroundings it marches through. Just by walking through the neighborhood, the neighborhood improves. How? By picking up trash. We will comb the neighborhood. Pick stuff up off the curbs. Select beauties from the dumpsters. Pots and pans and […]