Join the carnival. Another world has begun.


The parade is an actual positive action, creating a positive festival while

simultaneously actually improving the surroundings it marches through.

Just by walking through the neighborhood, the neighborhood improves.


By picking up trash.

We will comb the neighborhood. Pick stuff up off the curbs.

Select beauties from the dumpsters. Pots and pans and

coffee cans and scraps of wood become instruments.

Pop-cans and cardboard and steel and glass become jewelry,

adornments,festive costumes. Bits and pieces and

discarded particles and waste become

reclaimed, a work of art,

participatory amorphous ever-changing.

gimpA decentralized scavenging mass.

A trash brigade.

A path of construction. A positive action.

A gritty, particular community inter-action.

Democracy in action.

Democracy is action.

We are realizing our own power.

Each person, each participant,

is directly changing,

freely creating,

im-mediately acting.

This is HOW we construct

a better world,

by acting

at this very moment.

This is it.

We’re starting right now.

Join the carnival.

Another world has begun.

Bring your tools.


April 28, 2002 10:00 am

Sacramento/Ogden, Chicago, IL