too long sucking bones

someday i will get new teeth you see
(and i will know how to use them
teeth through flesh
too long sucking bones)

i am scorching deep inside you
scalding your inner fleshy denial
no there is no tender meat left
none as there was
when it was i
rolled over, bludgeoned, bloodied, penetrated
my own flesh 
once removed
onto me
into me
breaking my eyes, my seed, my teeth

no there is no tender meat left
and you - inflated empty flesh bubble
i can smell the rotting
from the inside out
your imitated blindness
your portended innocence
lets be honest
we all know it is a product
innocence is a prodcut
yes a meaty cut
a fabricated enclosure
a con-struct
a fleshy con-cut
a fleshy cunt

that is how it was taken from me you see
i never had it
suddenly there was a wall
no, always, there was a wall
and i was outside it
the wall of my own womb!
and i was outside it