we are carnivores.
those of you who affect to have never eaten meat…
you have killed with the rest of us.
the sacrifice is hidden behind blank walls.
(men in yellow suits spray down the sidewalks)
bring forth the blood to the public altar
(how else can we know what we are eating.)
i will wield the knife.
i have killed the animals with my bare hands.
i have removed the entrails and planted them.
look at your teeth,
they are weapons which tear through flesh.
look at your birth,
an enlarged physical being expands.
you will wield the knife for your dinner tonight.
you will kill your own today.
no more mercenaries, executioners, butchers,
it is you!
out from behind the hidden walls, the rooms without windows.
you who have never looked the animal in the eye as it breathes it last.
you hypocrite.
you will never know life until you know the blood that flows through you.
the blood on your hands.