materialization as conceptualization

a tactile creation.
tangible. palpable. material. corporeal. a material conception. actions and reactions. immediate. intuitive. production of sound and light. the realization of the limits of a physical self and its interactions with the environment. open perception. a clearing and filling of the mind. a tactile creation which is born and lives in the present. which allows a physical interaction with its environment (including other beings)
in order to create the space-time difference must be eliminated. for something to be created it must overcome the space-time gap. a physical reaction takes place. this includes the production and transmission of information through the physical storage of bits. this includes nanotechnology and nano-machines which build and produce at an atomic level. this includes all wave frequencies, which rely on a transmission of energy.

a defensive system.
a physical firewall, a bubble which rejects the input and output of information, allowing anonymity and autonomy. a scrambler which reduces language and images to their physical components. a jammer. a detector. an unbreakable code is one that is without information, whose sole purpose is the transmission of the physical wave – an atomic bomb. a physical interaction – which can only occur in the present.
an efficient defensive system is one which delays an offensive while gaining from its enemy. as with goals and dreams deferred while consuming and producing the anti-dream. as with the sales and production of weapons while delaying their use. the relegation of the enemy to a state of information, a production of ideas without consequence. in other words the relegation of the enemy to the past. (while controlling the physical present in which this past resides.)

an offensive.
a non-delayed action. a life without forethought or planning. that which does not anticipate itself. a physical life with physical interactions. a journey in the present which is unpredictable and uncontrollable. a flow. a chain reaction. the creation of non-dependent non-referent immediate constantly changing flowing physical life forms. the production of immediate life within your self and then exterior to your self. life must stem from life. a life where thought and action are simultaneous and undetachable. production as in a journey. thought and action are married to produce an immediate and changing environment of which you can not be separated from as creator or observer. a physical thought process. materialization as conceptualization.