Chicago Public Housing Links


A Great Chicago Land Grab
By David Peterson

Public Housing: Reading Between the Lines
By Cory Oldweiler and Brian J. Rogal

Other Chicago Reporter Housing articles

Race, Class, and the Abuse of State Power: The Case of Public Housing in Chicago
By David C. Ranney and Patricia A. Wright

An Invisible Community
Inside Chicago’s Public Housing
Sudir Aladi Venkatesh

Privatizing Public Housing in Chicago 
A Case of Willful Neglect 
by Jamie Owen Daniel

Rooting, uprooting the West Side

Carol Steele of CPPH, UN testimony

Searching for rental housing

The chicago housing authority and the american dream

Chicago Housing’s ‘Hidden War’

Chicago Housing Authority activists raise the roof (Chicago sun-times article)

Chaos or Community?

The War on the Poor in Public Housing
CounterMedia Briefing

Cached at google



Hirsch, Arnold R. Making the Second Ghetto: Race and Housing in Chicago, 1940-1960. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1990.
An excellent book exposing the use of public housing as a tool of concentration, exploitation, oppression and deception.

Anonymous thoughts on Making the Second Ghetto

A bibliography of books on the Chicago Public Housing Projects

Redevelopment Plan


‘Residents of public housing represent 4.7% of the city’s population.’


Chicago Housing Authority’s plan: Fix troubled lives (chicago sun-times)

PBS: newshour

Chicago’s Public Housing Projects 
Source: The Economist, 11 July 1998.

Metropolitan Planning Council
Chicago Housing Authority Transformation Plan update
by Steven Dailey, Housing Associate
Policy Scenarios: Chicago Housing Authority Plans



Destroying Maxwell Street


Plan: Cached at google

Bill Lester
Histroy 21: M. Manrique TA
Gautreaux Vs. The Chicago Housing Authority: The Crossroads of Ideologies

Architecture: cached at google

CHA High-rises

Save 1142 N Orleans


Near-north TIF District

Negligence: Housing Authority

Woman dies while trying to heat apartment with oven, government found innocent

“Our plan is clearly a shift in philosophy for Chicago, but it is being driven as much by a shift in thinking at the federal level,” Gist-Gillian said in an interview.
Washington Post article


Physical needs in the affordable housing inventory and the funds available to deal with them

CHA Trunked Radio

Other cities