i need to start walking
fearlessly on water
and when my faith dies so will i

i will not return
this is the end
the rest is the end

no more fear of death
i am assured of death
welcome, beyond belief
no more staged and meager attempts to regain what we have conquered
we have conquered everything
abandon it all
look at me in the distance
fading to blue
from here it looks as if he is part of the sky
i am floating in an infinite void
i am not sure when my feet left the plane of blue reflection
i don’t need it anymore
this is how my journey will continue…
lighter and lighter shades
the borders, the beliefs hazing and fading
my limbs will become transparent and weightless
my thoughts will empty and shallow
a deeper and deeper blue

and on the horizon, above and below
fading shades of blue
and within and without
a vibrant shade of blue
there is nothing more beautiful than blue
there is nothing more than blue
there is nothing, only blue