i placed a data cd into my stereo cd player and ported it out to my computer through the headphone jack. i recorded it for a while and then cut it down to 10 sec. i then slowed it down 50% and cut it down to the beginning 10 sec. 14 times in a row, resulting in the 10 files you hear here. 1 original and the rest at one half the speed of the previous one. i then incereased the speed of the original file 100%, recording in the same fashion, resulting in the -1, -2, etc. series.  the twinkling sound that starts to appear around number 10 can be heard as pure tones around number 15, if you turn it up really really loud.  (an odd thing is that i can not hear these twinkling sounds on the original cd quality sound recordings.  i can only pick them up after i converted the cd quality to the web quality recordings you hear now.)