and this is what i propose

(are you with me)

that we tear it down before we build any further
you can’t travel with so much luggage

– and at first, in a barren sky larger than you,
you think that you have disappeared, a victim of your own search
blue in a field of blue.

but deep and below, you have not gone deep enough.
i see the light lined words wisping within you.
i see the pure and platonic forms you desire – you still believe in them!
constructs of the mind, chains with which we have built our souls

you – you are only physical possibility
“believe me, my brethren! it was the body which despaired of the body
– it groped with the fingers of the infatuated spirit at the ultimate walls.”*
at the edge of the platonic gorge
“how can i overcome the great divide?”
from a depth before you – “sacrifice.”
Fools! Not your body, your spirit.
taste the popped and hollow kernels
and now you are larger than them

expanse within the expanse
currents, liquid movements, in the silent and slow moving sea
life is eternal, we know not its limits

how will you know me
you will know me by my faith, a current below


*(Nietzsche, Thus Spake Zarathustra, First Part, Backworldsmen)