Information destroys. The production of information means the loss of non-language, the physical. What is the shape of anti-information? It is not disinformation, for all information is both information and disinformation, they are indivisible. Anti-information must produce the destruction or nullification of information when introduced to the system. Anti-information must be something which refuses language, which is incapable of taking on language. Anti-information must continually reside in the present and continually change. For anything which is stable or exists in the past is immediately nullified, destroyed and reduced to the realm of language through history, through reproduction, through objectification. Perhaps music can be seen as anti-information, as it can only exist in the present. Yet it can be converted to information, through history, through scores, through recording. The actual physical music though can only exist in the present, but everything can only exist in the present, including the past. It is only through information that exists in the present that we know the past. Anti-information must destroy the information of the present without producing more. An event perhaps could be seen as anti-information, as long as the event does not produce reproductions, accounts, etc. The event must implode, like a black hole, sucking in its participants and its reproductions. If, as einstein suggests, information is a bomb, a fission bomb, then anti-information must resemble fusion, a melding, a continually denser and denser particle which absorbs all information and does not let it out. The present absorbs all information, it continually nullifies information, and yet, it appears, it also continually produces information. Of course it is humans who produce information, but we can not separate humans from the present. Anti-information might look something like anti-matter, consumed within milliseconds by a crushing encounter with matter. A mutual explosion. Minute in an infinite universe inhabited almost entirely of matter. Maybe anti-information happens constantly all around us but is gobbled up so quickly in an ocean of information that we can not see it Or perhaps, on another level, looking from a different universe, we can see a separation of matter and anti-matter. Perhaps we only see matter because we are looking from within matter. Perhaps from between matter and anti-matter we can occupy the difference. Or perhaps from between matter and anti-matter we realize that they are inseparable. That in fact they are one and the same and the dichotomies and binaries and dualisms all are operatives stemming from searching from within information. Is it possible to find or even create anti-information. Must they be kept separate in order to avoid their mutual destruction? If so this means that in order to look at both we must take a stance outside of both, between both. Is this possible? What if information and anti-information are one and the same, inseparable? Because I have a mind based on the language of dualism it is virtually impossible for me to imagine a state between information and anti-information. This would have to be a state of nothingness. A state of the void within ourselves. Between thought and experience. Between the infinite world of the concrete and the finite world of thought. Anti-information must be uncompromisingly physical. The body affronts the soul. The emancipation of body through the realization of its inevitablility, of its reality. A space between the body and the soul.