light speed

this is what i want to make clear, i believe that we are still in the same situation. that this progress is only a step in an evolutionary process.

1 : one of a set of prescribed movements
2 a : a process of change in a certain direction : UNFOLDING b : the action or an instance of forming and giving something off : EMISSION c (1) : a process of continuous change from a lower, simpler, or worse to a higher, more complex, or better state : GROWTH (2) : a process of gradual and relatively peaceful social, political, and economic advance d : something evolved
3 : the process of working out or developing
4 a : the historical development of a biological group (as a race or species) : PHYLOGENY b : a theory that the various types of animals and plants have their origin in other preexisting types and that the distinguishable differences are due to modifications in successive generations
5 : the extraction of a mathematical root
6 : a process in which the whole universe is a progression of interrelated phenomena (

evolution as the constant changing present. not evolution as better, but evolution as change. there is no past to recover. there is no future to inhabit. there is only a perpetually changing present. evolution illustrates an idea of a journey which can never be recovered, which can only move forward in a continuous and unpredictable line. evolution indicates a continuous rediscovery and remaking of the present which is based on a continuation, mutation, selection. but always a remoulding of the present.

what if we were to become light? what if we could journey beyond the limit of the speed of light? we would only be able to see ourselves in the past. light years away, with an immense telescope, we could watch our self re-enter the womb. we could watch humans re-fold back into their origins. we could finally see the beginning. but we could not change any of it. that is, it already happened. the distance with which we would have to remove our selves from the world in order to see the past is the same distance we remove our selves in time from the past. we could see the past, perhaps we could even communicate it back to our fellow humans still on earth in the present. and as we approached and passed the speed of light everyone else would see our bodies fade. to them it might appear we were headed into the future. but this is the irony of light speed travel…. we can only see the past, and we can never change it. somewhere out there is a fading (expanding) reflection of earth’s past. the same as the pasts of the stars we see at night which only serve to inform our present. despite our desire to escape our present, it is an impossibility. it is only within the present that we can act. the future can never be attained or viewed because it does not exist. we continually make our present. any past which exists is only the fading and expanding reflection of present. any past we see is from another point in space, a point at a distance beyond light. relativity does not remove us from a simultaneous present. it only assures us of an individual perception of pasts based on our particular point in space. action requires a physical connection. this physical connection is the only way in which we can remove the space of the past because we can only act in the present. we can only act beyond light speed, in an immediate manner. it is the distance between my coffee mug and my hand which prevents it from being moved. more importantly, it is the distance in time between my coffeee mug and my hand which prevents it from being moved. the only way i know the coffee mug is from its past, from its reflection. the space between my hand and the coffee mug makes my perception of it relative. i do not perceive the coffee mug in real time, but rather i perceive its past at the speed of light. thus the reality of images is the reality of the past. an individual perception of pasts based on your viewing point in space. the only way in which we can change our present is to be immediately involved in it by the destruction of space, by overcoming space, by a physical force, by touching. only touching eliminates the time deficit implied by space which prevents us from action because we can only change our present. we can only act in our present. even our perception is not in real-time. it is limited to the quickness of our nerves and synapses and our brain’s processing speed. but our action is in real time. when we add up all the time lost between our nerve endings and the distance between our hand and the coffee cup, the time deficit is very small. that is our uncertainty is small because the fading and expansion of the object are barely removed from us in space-time. but they are removed from us. which is what ensures the fact that we can not change them – distance. the uncertainty expands with space and time. uncertainty is a result of our removal from the present through light perception. uncertainty is large a microscopic scale because the removal from the present becomes obvious. the distance between microscopic things is so relatively large that the implications of removal from the present beome obvious. on a macroscopic scale, dealing with the speed of light and light-years of distance, this removal from the present also becomes obvious. whether or not we over come the speed of light, nothing can overcome distance. the only way we will ever be able to influence the present is through the elimination of space, through the elimination of the past, throught the elimination of difference. through direct physical contact with the present. this may come in the form of the emission of sound or light waves, but the reception of these waves can never overcome the distance. the emission of light waves is a physical process of creation. the reception of light waves follows the same effect as sound waves. relativity could be classified as the doppler effect of light. there is still a removal in distance and in time which prevents us from changing the present. what if we were to become light? how would we change our present? it is only our physical bodies which allow us to change the present, to overcome the time-deficit of space and have real consequence within our present. it is only within the present, it is only by overcoming distance through direct physical action which we can create. if we could move faster than the speed of light we could change our perception of the present through various filters which allow us to filter out, beyond the speed of light, those light waves of the past which we do not wish to see. but this does not change the reality which created these light waves. if we were to reach out and touch something which we had filtered out or added in, it would be different than our perception. what we touch is always different from our perception. beyond the speed of light would be the same as virtual reality, we can add or filter out what we wish by removing our self from the present. by delaying our present. this is the future of personalization and customization, a present delayed to accommodate processor speed. reality will be presented through goggles and headsets which delay reality long enough to change its perception. reality is recorded, processed (changed and filtered) and played to the viewer. the delay in reality is only limited to the processor speed. the faster the processor speed, the more ‘real’ the perception of reality can be. but remember it is only the perception of reality which is being changed. when we reach out to touch these things, only then can we truly change them. only then can we create. only through the capturing of the physical brain signal can input be established. we can change the methods and the speeds, but the only way to overcome the past, the only way to change our present is to be directly and physically involved. to overcome difference. to overcome space. to overcome distance. to overcome time. this is how we create our world, through our direct physical interactions. through our consumptions and excrements. through our chemical and atomic reactions. through our breath and through our footsteps.