program for a vehicle


the vehicle should expand the transparency/opacity, the spectrum of semi-transparency.

the vehicle must work intuitively, without conscious thought, as an extension of the self.

the vehicle must work physically at all times changing and adjusting. like breathing, eating, consuming. it must understand the power relations of all consumptions. materialization as conceptualization. the vehicle must provide connection, awareness, to the immediate present. a zen vehicle.

physicality and vagueness are not mutually exclusive properties. vagueness is the basis of physicality, as the uncertainty principle shows. maybe what the uncertainty principle shows us is that we are looking at physics in the wrong way. that we have arrived at a point where any further divisions and definitions get us further and further from seeing a complete picture. it is time to stop limiting the body to certain points in space, or certain velocities in space. included within the definition of body must be all of its potential. it is possible to conceive of a body without definition. if we understand that definitions are limits which we impose on a flowing physical world. we can never know the limits of our self. we are part of a world of infinite intertwining flowing present. we can not separate the world from our self.

the vehicle must produce a zen creation which is not expressionism. expressionism is a record of a past emotion. creation must live in its own right without referral to a past emotion. it must change and induce emotion. the creation must anticipate and gain power from that which is external to itself. it must adapt. it must include randomness within its definition. like a cage symphony, there are no sounds which are external or internal. the definition is lost. you have to listen, really listen, to everything. the filters of what you expect of design are destroyed. sounds which come from the audience or the street are just as much a part of the music as the random individual musicians’ sounds. the music no longer starts or stops. everything becomes a part of the continuous eternal string of music which you hear constantly. the music blurs the borders and shows that the only borders were in your head from the beginning. the creation does not separate itself from its environment. it melds and constantly changes.

so then, we are beyond progress. and regress was never possible. we are beyond divisions and distributions, (we should be, anyway) which is all that progress ever was.

we are our own design.
we always framed the view.
we always picked the path.
someone has already been here before.
so what.