there has never been a time before design. there are no places without design. there are no places which are designed. there are only places between designs. there is only power, power relations, fields and movement, more or less dense. the use or non-use of this power is always creation, always design. we live within the inter-relations of power, within the manifestations of power, within the reality and present of power.

there is only one power. the divisions, the virtualities, the implications, the strings and links and shackles are empty semblances. we can only fear them from within them. fly above them. walk beyond them. we do not create belief; we find belief planted deep within us, a virus of the mind. we must uncover and overturn all beliefs. hold them to the light of the sun and watch them fade. belief is absolute. there is no absolute; there is no belief. there is only faith. (from which all belief stems). look at your empty faith. this is the heart of the soul: blindness. (only blindness allows possibilities). a space larger than you. this is the void… an uncertainty. a loss of boundaries. (in the darkness we touch our hands to our face). and this is what i say to you, power among powers, do not crawl in the darkness. expand! you can not separate your self from the darkness, it is your medium.

and all of you who are holding your breath – you will wait forever.