This is a letter of intent not for my schooling or profession or future positions, but rather an expression of my intent to follow a direction, a process, a mode. It would thus be somewhat contradictory to define a plan. Instead, what I describe is, not a plan per se, but a series of experimentations to be followed, openings to be explored – amorphous, organic, and opportunistic.

In overcoming the division between theory and practice, between plan and action, between research and development, the only possibility is to work within a process. Thus, I intend to explore modes of (re)production, (re)creation, modes of living, modes where meaning and physicality double onto themselves and each other. The central question always: How to live?

Inherent in such a process is the elimination of the borders of structure, architecture, politics, art, life, philosophy. There must be both an acute awareness of the structure, the borders of discipline, and the defined possibilities – as well as a freedom that stems from the ability to (de/re)construct these very structures of possibilities through experimentation, through the discovery and creation of openings that were not previously defined.

This is not a singular individualistic process – not a search for the self, but a search for a way. Necessarily this implies convergences and divergences. Research into other’s experiments and philosophies of living. Collaboration and construction with others whose processes overlap.

It is with this then, that I am submitting to you a description of a processes unfolding: with the hope that they will overlap or unfold upon another’s, perhaps your own.