suspicious circumstances (the crime of)

East Chicago, IN
May 21, 2003

A hobby photographer was detained, frisked, interrogated, threatened with indefinite detention, and ultimately had his camera and film confiscated due to the crime of “suspicious circumstances” – the crime according to the police report of the incident.

The photographer was stopped by police after British Petroleum security agents called the East Chicago, Indiana police. The photographer was informed that taking pictures of the BP plant and surrounding area was “suspicious”. The photographer’s camera was confiscated, and he was threatened with indefinite detention if he did not hand over the film in the front seat of his car.

The photographer was told his film would be developed and the pictures sent to the FBI. The photographer was also informed that any future picture-taking should be done only after getting BP and government approval. The photographer was finally told that if he is seen taking picture in East Chicago again, he will be immediately taken into custody. Police informed the photographer that these measures are necessary to prevent terrorism.


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