zero|one lets you enhance your life simply by living it.

Every time you use a zero|one service it contributes to the individualization of your personal zero|one profile.  Whether you’re using you free locator to find the nearest terminal or spending a week in the Chicago hotel, you are continually personalizing your profile.  And best of all, there is no manual input from you.  The zero|one profiler simply gleans data off your daily actions, runs them through the program, and feeds them back to your profile to provide you a continuous stream of improvement as you are using our service.

Your profile allows zero|one to automatically give you the things you want just as you were realizing you wanted them.  Zero|one can sense anything from when you would liketo be a little bit warmer to what movies to put on,  whether you are in your room, car, or home (if you have the zero|one car and home plug-ins).  The higher the service level, the more personalized your profile becomes.  The locator combines with your profile to allow zero|one to make informed decisions about how to adjust your environment.  It knows where you are and what you like as well as the best way to get you there.

The degree of automation is up to you.  Zero|one can automatically have your dinner delivered to your room when it senses you are getting hungry or it will give you suggestions of places to eat, or even a general direction to walk.   Zero|one quickly recognizes the level of automation, as well as the level of personalization, which you enjoy for each of your activities, moods, and company.