I do not believe in architecture,

I do not believe in design,

I do not believe in technology,

I do not believe in objects.

I believe in life.

I believe in humanity.

I believe in reality, and that it will always be infinitely more interesting than design.

I believe that we must inhabit the void in order to continue our belief that we are non-void.

The void of circulation, the fractured space, the rhythm between the forms, is the nothing which unites us, the empty sea shared by humanity; not the deep root of Jung?s collective conscious, not the magic synthesis of modernity, not the topical connections of heterotopia, but that which is in between, which is leftover, which is, has, and always will be humanity?s common physical realm.

Malevich wrote, “I have conquered the pale depth of the colored sky, I have detached its color, put it in a creative sack, and tied the knot. Aviators of the future, fly! White, free and endless, infinity is before you.”55

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