Re: how to defeat activism

wade tillett on Wed, 31 Jul 2002 06:26:28 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> how to defeat activism

The ghost-dance is only the modern delusion of identity within the imploding nihilistic space of colonization. A space which colonizes and commodifies this delusion. A space which is this delusion, (i.e. Baudrillard’s simulacra) the all-consuming image. We dance, as we are already ghosts. “The rest is silence.” This is all true, I suppose: The spasms of the dying fish, repackaged as excitement and virtue within the experience economy. Critiques of identity and modes of consumption stem from the loss of any non-colonized space or production. The critique being the final colonization, the particulate colonization. The ideal bio-power facilitated by the self-analysis of the consumer, and finally, of the mode of living. The artist is a traitor. The artist’s expeditions mark, claim, commodify, create territories for expansion. The artist runs ahead as the forests are cleared, marking the trees, explaining – these are the ones to be saved…. Commodity dissent, nothing exists outside the commodity. Identity psychology, the self is trapped in space by its form. We dance only to become ghosts. Some even say we dance, as we are already ghosts – but this is incorrect. We dance, as we are not yet ghosts. # distributed via <nettime>: no commercial use without permission # <nettime> is a moderated mailing list for net criticism, # collaborative text filtering and cultural politics of the nets # more info: and “info nettime-l” in the msg body # archive: contact: