reading list

religion the other gospels, ed. ron cameron the mystic fable, de certeau
oneness, faith some of the gnostic texts a radical reinterpretation of the new testament (forgiveness/grace/redemption, holy spirit, inhabiting faith/the kingdom, forsaking (also see gospels mentioning judas as the one who’s destiny was to forsake), rejection of reason/modernism/childlike (kierkegaard)) krishamurti bohm? (wholeness and the implicate order, and science, order and creativity) zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance suzuki on zen buddhism bergson deleuze spinoza? leibniz (monadology)
the miseducation of the negro, carter woodson
white architects of a black education, william watkins
vouchers etc, the black commentator
illich deschooling society grummet, arts and everyday life in reflections from the heart of inquiry william james, varieties of religious experiences eric fromm, to have or to be caroline pratt, i learn from children uhlich – 3000 years of educational wisdom charles sanders peirce (pragmatism, semiotics) l. thomas hopkins, the emerging self in school and home towards a poor curriculum kate millett, sexual politics schwabb: the practical, a language for curriculum. hermeneutics – i am a text, meet with another text to produce a revised text (sounds remarkably like a preface i’ve been working on for years now) gadamer axiology – what is more valuable, the desired (lack) or the desirable (inhabitable?) taoism tolstoy teaches by ‘infection’ with porous borders of school (cppp p70)
mind/body non-dichotomy montaigne (p. 64 in cppp) spinoza froebel (p68 in cppp) with doctrine of unity – each unity has a worth of its own, does a disservice to treat it as a means to something else. first kindergarten. included religious mysticism. somewhat based on schellings identity b/w mind and nature. taoism and poststructructuralism, wen-song hwu pinar daignault
embodiment grumet – bitter milk (“body reading”) sandra harding george laikoff, mark jackson the embodied mind margaret mead, composing a life delanky?, women’s ways of knowing
before books, jessie stanton
structure of politics
killing the black body, dorothy roberts
making the second ghetto, arthur hirsch
orientalism, edward said
the prison, michel foucault sites) sites)
history of philosophy
asa phillip randolph
eugene debs
cesar chavez