Dear friends, what you took to be my works were only my waste matter. (artaud) leavings of becomings. this is where we put symbols of carcasses, images of who we were at a specific time, in order to become something else we do not care for products or museums. we do not care for art, as a discipline nor as a profession. we are interested only in a life unseparated and all-meaningful. a life in which the present is the continual end/result. that is, there is no end, there is only the continual present, recreated by us as we live within it, by how we live within it. there is no end, only means. our greatest fear is that this becomes an appropriation of, or worse, a blueprint for the everyday. our desire is that this be used as an experiment, a swapping of particulars, an idea factory, a temporary vehicle to be abandoned. what is the point, after all, of writing in an abstract medium and language, of concrete actions and particulars? well, what we hope is that there is a story telling that perpetuates the story, opens it so to speak. not a narrative, but a first person example. a collection of pieces that can be reshuffled and retried and reworked in different lives and environs. the cook takes from around them and (re)arranges assemblages. And these assemblages not only create a present, but recreate the self and present perpetually. nutrition shapes consciousness (the body and/of the mind). the cook takes a fuzzy idea of what to be and uses a recipe as a guide, not a plan or law. ingredients are substituted. processes are adapted. and then, when one learns how to cook, when one knows how to cook, the recipes are thrown away. temporary vehicles abandoned. the only way that the actual experiences relate to each other is that some sort of re-presentation of them has ended up here. between the experiences, we intend no meaning, no meta-narrative. by reading about other’s experience, by sharing your own, a certain respect for position can be established. this is not meant to be a meatgrinder – this is an understanding of an other we cannot become. fragments of my everyday life and yours. theory applied. everyday life. micro-politics. in response to all the meta-(whatever), this is for minute empirical concrete experience specific to each user. difference between places, between users. not for unification and congregration of ethereal beings. not interested in the big picture – what you did today, but in every detail of one interesting item. we filled glass jars with something we found interesting and placed them together. similar jars contained white rice, water, kidney beans, maple leaves. individually quite different, but an order was perceived not (only) from their display in jars, but from their specificity. the idea of ‘experimental’ is not shock art. rather, the idea is to destroy the boundary between art and life. and in order to do this, one must destroy all binaries. self and other, author and reader, artist and viewer, original and copy. said another way, the identity, the self, the body must be attacked and radically altered. meditation is the practice of controlling one’s own consciousness, of redefining the self. ‘practice’ here being defined not as a simulation before the real event, but as a way of life which refines itself, ‘controls’ itself. what we are proposing then is this: being is becoming. is this not the premise of all experimentation? materialization as conceptualization. perhaps at first this consists of (re)presentations, tracings, and directions, but it is our hope that these become pieces in a new collage, so to speak, pieces incorporated in a new life. that eventually, they are either abandoned as meaningless products and representations, or assimilated in totally new manners into a simultaneous being/becoming. we do not wish to hear grandiose theories. death to all transcendence! riveting life immanence, simultaneously flat and infinite we are. the particles are not metaphorical, they are pieces. between the pieces is the self we construct, an intuition that operates on them. we are the interval. the idea is this: we wish to be artists of life, action is our medium. an implosion of theory. a freedom attained through a micro/empirical/physical/immediate politics/economy – (or perhaps the destruction of above) to hear infinity you have to open your ears wide to the present. a spiritual present, mystic, cosmic, an ultra-awareness of now. kind of a research and development of life, of modes of production, convergence of theory and practice. art and writing? anyways, a sort of endless experimentation in the present. studying modes of creation – how to create while within the creation. process. intent to rigorously practice the process of creation within a context of disciplined research, experimentation, and development ‘to improve the space we live in while we live within it.’ (salvaggio) text by wade tillett