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You can't measure creativity with bubbles.
You can't measure creativity with bubbles.

The basic problem with bubble tests is this: it turns each, unique human being into a number. That number is then put together with other numbers and then various things are done to those numbers. And eventually those things done to numbers come back to effect the living, loving, breathing human being, but without any thought as to any of the important parts of who that person is.

In a nutshell, here”s the problem of education: a mentality that strips a human being into his or her bureaucratic essence – a multi-digit number that will fit neatly into the database. And after that, the brutality is abstract. Except, of course, to the actual experience of the person branded with a number, by virtue of a few bubbles s/he filled in.

The high-stakes test bubble has burst. It’s time for bubble tests to be over. Instead, education must bubble over with the strengths, interests, and personality of each student. Learning must bubble over with life.

We’re located in the midwest, but this is a national and international movement.