bridgeport wpa & version>09


project treehouse is entering the world of community based art initiatives this upcoming weekend at version>09.  you can support/participate in the following ways:

  • look for our signs throughout the bridgeport neighborhood and be inspired by them to reflect on your present place, moment, and body
  • respond to one of our survey questions at one of the following locations in bridgeport (look for a black or orange box with project treehouse on it):  bridgeport coffee company [31st and Morgan], chicago public library/daley branch, bernice’s, and halsted foods
  • attend the wpa poster show opening and allow us to record your responses
  • visit us outside the NFO XPO at the benten house, 3052 s. gratten in chicago [sat. 1pm-8pm, sun. 1 pm-12am; the XPO costs $7 adults / $3 Children ($10/$5 for 2 day pass)]

For more info, check out the following: