1. autonomous – not be objectified

    if, with user consent, are objectified, user has right to share of profits of his objectification

  2. anonymity
  3. consumer information

    parent companies must be listed

  4. advertising

    all forms of advertising shall occur only with each viewer’s consent. this includes but is not limited to: banner ads, brand names, billboards, buildings, vehicles

  5. ownership

    all forms of ownership shall be recognized. including but not limited to: non-ownership, public ownership, revolving ownership…

  6. public good

    insurance, medical, etc.

  7. corporations and ethics

    corporations rights are subservient to all human rights. disbanded for reaching cap, unethical practice

  8. all self-storage warehouses are to be demolished. items of worth to the public good shall be put to that use.
  9. all landfills are stopped. live in your own filth. b) all trash is to be put in mega-structures for public viewing.