some tactics for dodging security cameras.  (escape from the panopticon).

know your enemy

1. find and identify all cameras.  to know the limit of your enemies knowledge about you.  to know when they are looking.  destruction of their propaganda and overstated power and surveillance.

subversion – making the tactic useless by attacking the truth the tactic is based upon. a slow and subtle undermining through continually testing and expanding and changing the limits.

2. blend in.  look like everyone else.
3. disguise.  look like someone else.
4. decoy.  create a replica of your self that will be watched.
5.  mirrors.  lots of them.  (maybe some video screens too.)
6. use tactics which cannot be recorded, detected.  stealth.
7. anonymity.  everyone wears masks so that no one knows who anyone is.  identifiers would remain outside the realm of recordable media (sound if there is no sound recording, smell, etc.)  the media will quickly expand to include these identifiers.  abandon identifiers.  (means abandoning self)
8. change the environment into one in which detectors no longer work.  wear welding helmets and flood the place with so much light the camera can not see.
9. decentralize.  use prosthetics, remote controlled vehicles, invisible airwaves and signals.  expand the self beyond definition.  merge and blend with others so that there are no borders.
10. feed in your own image.  splice your info into theirs.
11. act for them.  parody.  “Surveillance society, which is an imminent reality, must be critiqued and attacked concurrently. Guerilla programming is direct: it is a simultaneous exposure of the oppressive system and subversion of that system to inform the oppressors (and anyone else who may be watching us) of their own ridiculousness and complicity. As theory and practice must occur simultaneously, so must critique and subversion. Guerilla programming is go!”  (surveillance camera players)

revoke power

12. directly and openly challenge the validity.  this is the next step after subversion.  a publicized challenge of the truth upon which surveillance is founded.  the partial picture.  what occurs outside, before.  cameras are not allowed as evidence because of the possibility of subversion.  evidence gained from illegal means is not allowed.
13 strike.  refuse to partake in anything which includes surveillance.  refuse to be surveilled.  requires knowing where the surveillance is (#1).  after all, they have now power without people.
14. ignore the cameras and the verdict completely.

kill the infrastructure

15. cut the cord.  kill the spies.  (best if done by many all at once.)
16. cut the power.
17.  place mirrors in front of the camera looking back at themselves.  maybe some gum on the lens.

take power

18. coup.  the stripping of power of those surveilling.  disregarding surveillance in an all-out blitz.  that which was recorded during the coup is not important because you have taken their power of judgment.  very risky, must be sure you will win.