self vehicle


the vehicle can not be separated from the self. the vehicle is an extension of the self. the vehicle is included in the limits, the definition of self. just as god is the objectification of man’s highest ideals of his self, the vehicle is the objectification of man’s limits of his self.

we can not discuss and create design, limits, as if it is separate from our self. designs which are created to topically smooth over, to hide the true distribution and limits of selves, always fail. it is time to realize that it is not things, not tools, not shelters, not information, which we are designing. it is our selves which we design.

we must stop objectifying our self.

“We must see ourselves as vague or indefinite beings prior to the fixed qualities that tie us to grounds or lands, and so as beings always able to be released from such qualities.” (rajchman constructions 86)

we are vapor. shifting clouds within an endless sky. it is by the physicality of self that we can recognize a self. we are a floating mixture. a more or less dense area. a pressure. a strange attractor. a cloud of vapors glowing and hovering in the ether. shifting. when you look at the edges, there are no edges. we are every form and no form.

we are vector. movement is life. it is only by the continuity of self that we can recognize a self. bodies move. thoughts move. death is the cessation of movement. the dispersion of vector. a wave sliding onto a beach. we are movements among movements.

the vehicle is the objectification of man’s limits of his self. the vehicle is synonymous with the definition of self. we must free this definition without losing all definition. we must free man without losing man. we must create a vehicle of vapor and vector.

we can no longer bind our selves with boxes and lines. we are not limits and connections. we are relation and movement. moving relations. a lighter or denser pressure moving in a void. a wind current. when we look at our self closely, we find that we can not distinguish the limits. when you look at the edges, there are no edges. we can identify our self only in relation to pressures. only in relation to movements. we can not claim to be separate from all pressures and all movements. we claim a certain area which is only identified in time by its continuity. a dense area moves and expands and slows and we can only claim it to be the same area by its continuity. we must see our selves as vague or indefinite beings.

it is the limits of self by which we are chained. there is an incredible trap being set in which we are invited to further limit our self. to further define our self. to objectify our self in order to more clearly see our self. it is by pinpointing our position that we are controlled. it is by further defining the limits of self that we become a cog in a giant wheel. it is by making us into identifiable and predictable forms that others can use us the most for their own means. objectification is the greatest weapon. we are much much more than what we can ever see. much more than custom fit levis, pinpointed GPS coordinates and IP addresses, author of whatever.

how can we combat an ever-tightening objectification? we are video recorded hundreds, soon to be thousands, of times every day. we are bombarded by millions of advertisements inviting us to further define our self with this product and this brand name. we are invited to see our self through personalization. custom jeans. custom web sites. custom fit limits. profilers. psychiatrists. records. receipts. photographs. genetic reports. national id’s.

we need an invisibility, an anonymity. we need to be able to see all the contents of what we are consuming. we need to arrange our selves as semi-transparent beings. as vague and indefinite beings. we must reject the limits which are being sold to us. we must stop longing for the cities and bodies and vehicles of the past. they are gone and all turned into tourist traps. we are now in an age of formless function. there are no physical paths. no more varying streetscapes based on functions and circulations. we have invisible paths through a void. our intentions transmitted through invisible waves to other wanderers. no more longing for form. we are formless.

this does not mean an abandonment of physicality. we are still physical beings. we are still vapors and pressures and vectors. we are still composed of what we consume. we still consume. but we must redefine our physicality. we must no longer limit our self to the traditional physicality. at what point does food become a part of you? at what point do words become a part of you? at what point do vehicles become a part of you? we must reject a total objectification. to do so is to bottle the vapor and stop the vector.

what if this is all just entropy?