materialization as conceptualization. direct action and response: an interaction. of self and environment. a chair scratching a wood floor. air rushing through your hair. water pressing and moving against your body, evenly. it is only the difference in resistance which allows our body to distinguish water from air. water makes more apparent to us similar relations which occur within air. at the surface, between air and water, a complex interaction is induced involving tension and friction, turbulence and cycles, temperatures and velocities. a constant interaction of life breathed from air to water and from water to air.
and as the wave approaches the shore, after breaths and ripples begin a cycle, a frequency, which echo down to the depths, then it feels its interaction with its limits. the apparent physical manifestation, the surface swell, the visible part of wave, thus only becomes apparent after a direct interaction between its power, its self, and its limits, a shallowing shore. that is, at the beginning of a wave, when ripples turn to swell, when an organizational cycle brings what can be identified as life, it can barely be recognized because the power of the wave compared to its limit, its depth, its possibility… is relatively minimal. it is the realization of its own limits, the interaction of power to limits, which allows for identification. it is death which allows us to realize our life. it is the limits which allows us to claim and identify a self. can we claim a responsibility for our own life? as products of a complex interaction, which can and can not be separated. a wave exists as a phenomenon of power, of velocity and cycle. interactions which can not be separated from the medium and environment in which they occur. it is the velocity with which we rush our hands through water which causes the apparent difference, the pressure and turbulence zones. it is velocity which allows us utlize the medium. it is the velocity of the interaction which allows us to fly. it is the distibution and displacement of mass which allows us to float. for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. energy can not be gained or lost, only re-distributed. creation is re-distribution. action is re-distribution. action is creation. we are bodies in a medium. floating edifices hovering at the fluid surface. backfloating on a surface of reflected and distorted stars with our heads above water. we float in a thick void and we breath a lighter one. at night, the atmosphere doesn’t reflect the sun and we can see beyond to infinite pasts. in the day, the sky is blue and so is the water and we go about our business.

life of the wave