it is a distorted definition of desire which is used as a viral weapon. a mutation of desire. a consumptive desire which is implanted and eats its way out. a desire opposed to the self, to being. a foreign and alien desire, and yet it grows within your self. it is a parasitical desire; its function is to usurp power.

when thirst turns to pain, we can no longer enjoy it. desire is a device which produces life. at the extreme, desire gives way to the pain of death. we desire to eliminate the pain. and here is where the association is made between pain and desire. desire is distorted as pain, the pain of desire. is desire really pain? we fear that an unsatisfied desire will end in pain.

and this fear is broadly encouraged by a massive media arm of capitalism, which would fail if we stopped consuming for fear of our desires. but enough about the wicked desire called lust, we are all over-exposed and all too familiar with this disease.

we must re-define desire.

being is not the absence of desire. (language, rational thought are not opposed to desire. they are tools and weapons of desire, of conflicting desire.) being includes desire, which is the life-force of becoming. being without desire is death. plants live without desire, but as animals, we thirst. we must enjoy the thirst as much as the drink. what is the drink without thirst?

desire can not be the lack of contentment. desire can not be the journey to the destination. desire is not that which is before fulfillment. desire is not a barrier to happiness. desire is not emptiness or poverty. desire is not separate. it is not something to be overcome. desire is something which we follow. desire provides a direction. desire is not separate from the self, from the fulfilment of self. we can not be comfortable with our selves until we are comfortable with our desires. desire is the vehicle. desire is the propellant. desire is what keeps us from being stagnant and sterile beings. desire is a weapon. desire is a virus. desire is the power. it is from desire that all power derives. desire is the catalyst for change. a life-giving desire. one not opposed to being. it is the current in the river. the loss of desire is the loss of life. desire is the reason for creation. desire can be enjoyed. desire is the life of life. a distillation.