what happens once we are digitized

what happens once we are digitized?  our consciousness transferred into information removed from our bodies.  removed from reality – that which is different from our thoughts about it.  would there be any reason for it to be less than perfect?  could there still be reality – input from the fiber optic eye?  would we want or need it?  would we have to limit our self?  or would reality be augmented and manipulated through filters and controls?  will these be lives without limits, without consequence, without a physical reality?  will this be a life at all?  can we handle being the creator of our self and our environment?  what if we were converted to zeros and ones?  this would entail a mapping of the entire human body.  an ability to change its dimensions and learn.  a functioning brain map able to remember, think, and decide.  and beyond the initial transfer of consciousness, done in a deep sleep, we must have the ability to reproduce and evolve.  while the first models of digital humans will have to closely resemble our body and consciousness as we now know it, the ability to evolve will only be limited by computational power.  whole generations lived out in nanoseconds.  what exactly will this digital life be like?  will there be a need for death?  will there be a need for the realization of death?  how can we adjust for a continually quickening, imploding environment – our consciousness must be tied to the computational power that builds our environment?  will there be a need for natural selection?  or can we let all lifes live forever evolving.  how can we picture others?  how can we build chance into the program?  the implications of being ‘freed’ from the physical are literally limitless.  this is the cybernetic continuation of evolution.  we have conquered our world.  we have conquered our environment.  we have conquered our bodies.  we will continue the enlargement of the limits of ourselves as quickening information.  an explosion (enlarging the limits and memories of our selves with increased storage) through the form of implosion (an infinitesimal time, continually shortening as if approaching that unreachable point on a bell curve, but without the limits, only exponential shortening based on computational power tied to consciousness and a desire to consume.)  this is the cybernetic continuation of evolution.  man spawning himself in the form of himself.  bigger and faster.  a limitless self-consumption within a space where anti-information is impossible.  where it is only possible to produce and consume.  this is the final step of man’s obsession with objectification.  man becomes his objectification.  man as man’s creator.  man with absolute control.  man who can change everything.  man who can see everything.  man who chooses and builds himself and his environment as he lives.  man who can see the objectification of his self always because he is the objectification of himself.  man is no longer removed from the image of himself.  there is no longer a line between the physical man and the soul of a man, between living life and watching life being lived (consciousness and self-consciousness), between his design and his reality.  would you like to view others?  how would you like to view others?  these are others without physical contact.  they are bodies of information to consume.  they can only affect you by their implications.  you can only view them by how you choose to view them or by how they choose to let themselves be viewed.  and how can you view them?  are they really separate from your self?  how can separate consciousness be preserved if consciousness is information and this information consumes itself without limits.  can there still be an author, an owner, a self in the implosive consciousness.  or is the entire network, the entire digital world connected, the entire net one large conscious being which feeds on itself?  are we the consumers and producers of information and images and objectifications, or is information, our objectification,  the consumer and producer of us?  is it not this realization that causes in us the desire to become our objectification.  we wish to become self-conscious by producing a model of our conscious self and becoming that model.  this is the tower of babel.  made with streams of digits and connections.  an implosion of our consciousness into a self-consumptive cannibalistic production.  this is how we hope to fool death, by decapitation, by simulated death.  by building an eternal image of our self and becoming that image.  by becoming our own god.